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iOS 11, Apple Signature. It’s elegant, creative and attractive. Every year users wait for Apple to release their new OS (both for laptop and mobile). And, now this year, APPLE revealed his new upcoming iOS 11 features on its Worldwide Developers Conference with big improvements over its iOS 10 predecessors. The features that are not talked in WWDC 2017 is here.

Below is list of all the features that Apple didn’t talk about at WWDC 2017.

iOS 11 set to become available for developers now and Apple’s confirmation for the final iOS 11 release date is September 2018, with beta versions available in starting of 2018.

 Share your Wi-Fi password 

Ever had that generous urge to share the Internet love around. Specifically, the Wi-Fi password that only you might now? With iOS 11, you can indeed do that with friends who are nearby. The feature works only on a per-person basis rather than granting wholesale access. You have to explicitly allow (or not) each attempt by a nearby friend to connect to the same Wi-Fi network you’re one. Whether that has any security and privacy holes is something we’ll have to watch out for when iOS 11 makes its final descent.

New Volume change indicator

iOS 11’s new volume indicator is the biggest tiny change no one’s talking about. The one feature perhaps most likely to elicit a “finally!” has largely gone unnoticed: the volume slider no longer intrusively blankets the entire screen.
The new iOS 11 volume HUD is now neatly tucked in the top-right corner of the screen. It’s much sleeker-looking than its predecessor, which unnecessarily covers video content for a few seconds anytime the volume is adjusted.

 Automatically delete and move apps to cloud 

Almost all of us have experienced uninstalling apps to free up on storage space, only to later realize we really need or want that app after all. Tough luck, because you’ll have to start from scratch. Unless you’re on iOS 11 and enable offloading of unused apps. It will automatically move the non-frequently apps into the cloud. When you decide later on to bring back the app, you won’t need to start from scratch all over again. It isn’t clear whether this is something that can be triggered manually or if you have to agree that Apple knows best.

 Screen recording 

At long last Apple is officially making it possible to record your screen right on your iPhone or iPad, without having to bend over backward.

Now it’s as simple as pulling up the new and “improved” Control Center and hitting the record button. Once you’ve had your time in the spotlight, you can edit the recording and even produce a GIF from it. And you can finally view it in all its animated glory in the Photos app (yet another new iOS 11 feature!).

 Control Center 

There is a new Control Center, and it probably won’t be to everyone’s liking. The good news: everything is now in a single page, all the toggles, buttons and sliders you need.

It contains new Cellular Data toggle and Personal Hotspot toggle.

Appearances aside, the new Control Center is very powerful, as it gives you a couple more sliders to tweak settings to your heart’s content. It even has 3D Touch for more settings hidden behind settings!

 Type with only one hand 

Hidden in the keyboard settings of the virtual keyboard is an option to have a keyboard squished to the left or right side of the screen. Of course, this does mean that each key has less space around it and more opportunities to hit the wrong key, but, like everything with smartphones, it’s a necessary evil.

 Dark Mode 

It was widely expected that iOS 10 would feature a new viewing mode called Dark Mode, with black backgrounds designed to easier on the eyes when viewing at night. It exists in iOS 10- it just hasn’t been unlocked yet. We’re unsure why Apple bothered to add the feature if it didn’t plan to enable it in the near future, but it may be that beta testing exposed issues with the feature that dissuaded the company from turning it on just yet.

 Multiple user accounts 

It’s believed that tvOS 11 will feature account-switching, making it simple for a single Apple TV to store and switch between multiple users’ media, app and games libraries, as well as their personal data and settings. This makes perfect sense for the Apple TV, the nearest Apple has come to releasing a family entertainment hub, and a device widely used to serve up kids’ games and adults’ films alike. And nobody wants the rest of the family looking through their stuff or (less dramatically) seeing other people’s streaming recommendations or viewing preferences.

In iOS 11, Users could point their camera at an object and Apple’s software would recognize it. Perhaps this could be useful if you forgot a friend’s name as you could theoretically hold up your camera and use face recognition. Or more likely use the camera to identify the name of a flower or something.

 New Messages Features 

Apple’s social features that are designed to “more effectively connect users with their contacts”. Apple wants to offer a means to consolidate communications between users into single panels. For example, two friends could be able to see all text messages, e-mails, and social network interactions between each other in a single window, according to Bloomberg’s source.

We’d like to see support for reading receipts in group iMessages – a feature available in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

 Contact Availability Status 

Apple has filed a patent that could be “summarized as a system that detects where your friends are, and whether they’re available and the operating status of their iPhone (such as silent or Airplane mode), and presents that information in the Contacts app.

This patent shows that Apple is considering a new feature that would enable iPhone users to view at a glance whether their contacts are available for a conversation, and where they are.

 Hand-off for media 

One often requested a feature that will hopefully come to iOS 11 is Hand-off for music, tv shows, and music.

 Apple to kill off 200,000 apps that don’t support 64bit processors 

The next update of iOS will drop support for older 32bit-only. The iPhone 5s, which launched in 2013, was the first iPhone with a 64bit processor, and after this point developers started to make new apps that supported 64bit processors as well as the 32bit processors in older phones, as well as updating older apps to make them 64bit-compatible. As of summer 2015, Apple required that new apps should support 64bit in order to be approved, but older 32bit-only apps were allowed to remain on the App Store. That’s about to change, with the launch of iOS 11.

 Pay through Messaging using Apple pay 

Now, with upcoming iOS 11 you can pay to your contact through messaging. You just need to select the amount you want to send and it will transfer to that user account. This payment method is already in wide use by payment giants like paytm etc.

Here, is the list of some popular features in iOS 11 with screen shots.

 Other iOS 11 Features: 

  • New persistent banner notification option
  • Finger-detecting dynamic keyboard
  • Backing up warning message when erasing iPhone
  • New Shut Down option in Settings → General
  • Phone app UI changes
  • Auto-Answer phone calls
  • Mail app UI changes
  • New Settings app heading
  • Watch Memories in Portrait mode
  • Search handwritten notes
  • Take Live Photo while on FaceTime call
  • Tap on your PiP while on a FaceTime call to switch cameras
  • Live Photos: Adjust Key Photo
  • Trimming Live Photos
  • Live Photo effects
  • Photos app supports GIFs
  • New video playback control UI
  • New Music app sharing features
  • New QuickReply Keyboard
  • New Files app
  • Health Data now saved in iCloud
  • New Siri Interface
  • New Siri Voice
  • Siri Suggestions list of permissions
  • Siri Translation
  • Type to Siri
  • Apps in Dock no longer show names
  • New Animations
  • Drag and drop URLS, photos, text, etc
  • New Split View proportions

So, these are some iOS 11 features that we find. You own an apple device? Find iOS 11 supported devices.

iOS 11 features Apple didn’t talk about at WWDC 2017
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iOS 11 features Apple didn’t talk about at WWDC 2017
iOS 11, Apple Signature. It’s elegant, creative and attractive. APPLE revealed his new upcoming iOS 11 features on its WWDC with big improvements over its iOS 10 predecessors. The features that are not talked in WWDC 2017 is here.
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